Peter Hurley’s Admirable Perspicacity: Wherein I Become A Mentor On His Online Training Site

The guy on the left is Peter Hurley. He is the greatest headshot photographer in the world. I learned everything I know about headshots from him. About a year ago I became his associate photographer in Houston, and although I still have not received a blazer commemorating the event, it has been pretty amazing. Not only has he sent business my way, but the knowledge he has passed on to me has enriched my life through the people I meet using it. He is one of the most generous people I know.

Peter also has an online training site where he teaches people all over the world to take headshots that don’t suck. While headshotsthatdontsuck is pretty catchy, he calls it PH2Pro. A couple of days ago he made me a mentor on PH2Pro to help with the work he does there, and I could not be more proud. You can read a terse account of it here: