Kevin Jewell-Candidate for Texas 14th Court of Appeals

My friend Kevin Jewell is a partner at Chamberlain Hrdlicka, where I know several good people. He has 22 years experience handling state and federal appeals, is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, has been recognized as a Texas “Super Lawyer” almost every year since 2005, and has presented well over 100 oral arguments in state and federal appellate courts. In fact, he has argued and won many landmark cases in the Supreme Court of Texas on important legal issues, including decisions that maintain the integrity of statutory construction principles, establish standards for recovery in tort, and preserve legislative doctrines on matters of governmental liability.

Fortunately, Kevin has decided to take all of that experience and achievement and apply it to serving on the Texas Fourteenth Court of Appeals for which he will be a candidate in the upcoming primary. Now all of that is nice, but the real question is how good does he look?

Exhibit A:

Kevin Jewell Chris Gillett Houston Candidate Political Headshot Photographer

If there were ever a Platonic ideal of a Texas appellate justice, this is it. Confident. Hard working. Knowledgable. Is this the guy who argued all those Walmart cases that clarified the standards of proof relating to circumstantial evidence and constructive notice in premises liability suits? The very same. Runner? Yes, he is in good shape. Eagle Scout? Check out how crisp that shirt is.

I am a big admirer of Kevin and excited about his campaign, so you can image how thrilled I was to be asked to help with the visual end of it. Over the last couple of weeks, we shot a series of headshots as well as shots like you see above to help get Kevin’s message out. A guy like Kevin does not have time to worry about how to look confident and electable in photographs, so he took JR Smalling’s advice and hired me. I hope the next time we work together, it is for a judicial portrait.