Justice Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown was appointed from his position on the Texas Fourteenth Court of Appeals to the Texas Supreme Court by Governor Rick Perry last year to fill a vacancy. This year he is running for reelection to the Texas Supreme Court. The method of judicial selection varies from state to state, but in Texas we elect them. There are pros and cons to each selection method, but I think a pro of the Texas system is the awesome, Ken Burns-inspired television spot that Justice Brown is currently running utilizing some of my old work. Justice Brown’s soliloquy over the images is great. To borrow from the wonderful Patrick O’Brian, I know it sounds absurd, and were it from another man, you’d cry out ‘Oh, what stuff’ and dismiss it as mere enthusiasm. But with Justice Brown, you know he is articulating his heartfelt beliefs. He is a good guy, and it was a pleasure creating the images with him at the beautiful 1910 courthouse in downtown Houston.