I Would Prefer That We Keep This Between Us

This magnificent bastard is my pal Lane. I have worked with him in another business for almost a decade.

He is heading off to bigger and better things in San Antonio, and I will miss him. I figured the least I could do was send him off with a new headshot. While I was reflecting on this, I remembered that I shot him three years ago when I began making headshots. Check out this mess:

Bad Shot of Lane

Yuck. Look at the gap between his shirt and jacket! His expression is goofy rather than cool. I cannot imagine what a crummy shot like this did to his self esteem. I am fortunate that he gave me another chance. I got a call recently from M. Night Shyamalan about writing a script for a sequel to that other thing we did, but I’m not feeling it. Anyway, we won’t speak of this again.