business portrait photography samples by Chris Gillett


My headshots are designed to be the best you can get for any purpose from social media to personal branding.

Look at my work and decide that you want me to do the same for you.


Email me to set up a telephone consultation where I will explain how I work, answer all of your questions, and we can look at the calendar to book your session.


Look at my packages to decide which one works best for you.


I normally book two to three weeks in advance, but I can make pretty much anything happen for the right person.


Submit a reservation fee of 50% of the session fee to hold your date.


Prepare for the shoot by gathering wardrobe choices as we discussed on the telephone, get your hair “did” if that is how you operate, and get plenty of sleep.


Arrive at the studio ten minutes early.  You don’t want to waste a minute.


If you are a woman, we will start with makeup done by my makeup artist.  I don’t like makeup on guys and handle their skin issues differently.


We look at the wardrobe you brought, and decide on your outfits.


We will being shooting with me coaching and directing you the entire time.


We’ll take breaks to review images where I can continue to coach you and teach you my eye.


Once the session ends, we will select the images for me to retouch and deliver to you.


In ten business days, you will receive those images and use them far and wide.


Weeks later, rejoice when someone asks you to submit a headshot for some purpose and you remember that you have a killer one.


Should you desire an extra headshot not included in your package, I can provide those for $100 each.

sample business headshot by Chris Gillett

Never thought getting a head shot done would figure into a top ten list of most memorable experiences.

– Adam Gould



Where are you located, my good man?

The Rice Military area of Houston, Texas on Gibson Street, but don’t get too excited. It is by appointment only. I will give you all the details when you book with me. You can tell your tactical team that it is in the 77007 zip code.

How much do you cost?

This is a complex question with a complex answer.  However the simplified answer is that for individual clients I start at $350 and depending on your needs (like photographing your board of directors with an outfit change) can reach into the thousands.  It really just depends on how big you want to go.

What should I wear?

This is not a one answer fits most question.  Each person, each profession, each persona is different.  I will give you all the answers specific to you once we’ve scheduled your session.

Do men need makeup?

No. I like men to look a little rugged, unless you wear makeup in your everyday life, then wear away my good friend.

Why do you require makeup for women?

It makes a big difference in the results we get. The light and natural look that you see in my portfolio is not easy to achieve, but it is critical for these close up shots. If you like my work, that is how I do it.

My makeup artist knows how to achieve my look, and your friend Susie does not. Also, she is great helping with hair. Hair can make or break these shots. I have all the woman’s hair skill of the average 50 year old man, so we need her with us.

Please, no brow waxing, skin peels, elective surgery, or other facial trauma within a few days of the shoot. No fake eyelashes. Show up with no makeup, or you will have to wash off whatever you are wearing.

Okay, I am a woman, so I get professional makeup. How does that work?

Makeup begins whenever your session is scheduled to begin. It can take up to sixty minutes. Once it is finished, we will photograph it to ensure that you, the makeup artist, and I are all happy with the way it looks. You will pay the makeup artist separately via cash, Venmo, check, or card. Her fee for this is $150. 

I’ve seen your rates for individual clients. Do you have different rates for groups or companies?

Indeed I do. Contact me so I can provide you with a bid that is tailored to your needs.

Will I receive all the shots we take?

No.  I promise you don’t want them. See my rates for an explanation of what you will receive.

What about my hair?

Come hair-ready as this is not my specialty.. You can’t just roll out of bed and show up, I’m good but no one is that good. Come with your hair prepared the way you want to present yourself. Also, be ready to do a ponytail if you want. Go to the salon the day before, have your cousin do it, do it yourself. I have no idea, I am very much that man and your relationship with your hair is a deep mystery beyond my comprehension. Having said all that, if you are paying the makeup artist to be there the whole shoot rather than just doing one look and leaving, they will help wrangle hair. You still need to come hair ready though.

Should I get a haircut?

I would.  Just don’t do it RIGHT before your session with me.  Give yourself a week.

You know life happens. What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Then you are dead to me. Actually, cancellation or rescheduling require notice of a full seven days prior to your appointment for a refund of your reservation fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Pretty much anything except Bitcoin. Cash, Venmo, checks, cards, or bartering all work. I have never been offered chickens as payment and would consider such.

What is retouching?



Come on!

It’s magic!