Corporate Headshots

More info about my corporate work

Thanks for asking about my corporate headshots. My goal is to provide your people with the same kick ass headshots and fun experience I do for my individual clients. I want them to come away with the best headshot they have ever had, one that makes them look confident and likable to increase their perceived level of expertise and make your company stand out from its competitors. I frequently have new hires tell me how good they thought everyone on the company website looked when they were checking it out during the initial stages of their recruiting.

This pricing is for five or more people, otherwise just schedule with me like an individual client using the scheduling system located at the bottom of the home page. If you qualify for my corporate pricing, you may continue to book new hires at my current corporate rate.

The pricing depends on whether we are doing it at your place or mine. Doing it at your place is the way it was usually done in the past, so some folks think that is the best way. I think the studio is usually better, and most of my corporate clients agree.

The advantages to my studio are:

  • Easy online scheduling. Everyone doesn’t have to be available on one day. Each person can click on a link that opens my schedule and select the best day and time for them. This also makes cancelling and rescheduling super simple.
  • I can take more time with each person, coaching them to their best headshot. We have more time to solve problems and get the best results possible. This is also best for people who are super nervous about it.
  • It is a better experience for your team members. The extensive coaching they receive from me will be unlike anything they will ever experience. Most people appreciate it very much.

The advantages to doing it at your place are:

  • It will probably be finished faster.
  • It is the way it is “usually done.”
  • No one has to travel to my convenient location.

Headshots at my studio (for five or more people on whatever days): $395 a head. My hair and makeup artist is $250 for each woman and is required. Why? It is how I get the results you see here. Check out the Makeup tab on my website for more information.

Headshots at your office (for five or more people on a single day): $3000 a day + $200 a head. My hair and makeup artist is included.

This is a big deal, so I strongly suggest setting up a call to discuss it. Go here and select “Telephone Consultation” to schedule a call with me:

Here is another way to think about it: If you need bullshit headshots done quickly, I am not the guy. If you need best in class headshots, you are in the right place.

Another fun heuristic: if you are going to ask me “can you photograph 40 people in two and a half hours on (a date 12 days from the day you ask me)” the answer is going to be “no.” I do these well, not fast.

Do you need a group shot? Were you thinking about doing it in your conference room, lobby, or in front of the building? That’s where everyone else does them, and they look like crap. Let me do them with the same clean, contemporary look that your new headshots will have. After we nail your headshot, I will pull back and get about three quarters of you. Later, I will composite everyone together, dropping in shadows so it looks realistic. 

The advantages to this method are that the overall shot will look more prestigious, everyone will be able to get a shot of themselves that they like, everyone does not need to be there at the same time, and most important if the composition ever needs to be changed because somebody has left or new people have been added, or somebody has radically changed their appearance, we don’t have to shoot the entire thing over again. My clients love it. These are $395 a head.