About That Red Jacket

WARNING: Those of tender sensibilities be forewarned that the following contains curiosities of colloquial gesture such as the “high five.” It felt a bit like a tap on my shoulder, like someone was trying to get my attention, but I didn’t turn around immediately. I had been standing there for a while, and I was […]

Redd Foxx and Rembrandt

Rembrandt style portrait of Jared wearing a really cool red jacket

When I was very young, my parents had a reproduction of a well known Rembrandt painting called The Man with the Golden Helmet hanging in the living room over the couch. When I was a teenager, I read that the painting had been incorrectly attributed to Rembrandt and was most likely painted by someone in his circle. It […]

The Most Important Thing I Will Write about Headshots

Gillett sits at a table with a phase one camera while thinking about headshot theory and drinking whiskey

He stared at me with a blank look on his face. It was a look of surprise and embarrassment that betrayed the fact that he had never considered this very fundamental question before. He was a marketer for a large international law firm, and the answer to this question should have informed many different decisions […]

This Firm Gets It

The Official Divorce Law Firm™ of Gillett Studios is Holmes, Diggs & Eames (“HDE”). Not just because they bring the fjookin füry in the family law courts but also because they get branding, image, and marketing. The best evidence of this is that rather than using headshots that seem designed to make them look like chumps, they […]

I Would Prefer That We Keep This Between Us

This magnificent bastard is my pal Lane. I have worked with him in another business for almost a decade. He is heading off to bigger and better things in San Antonio, and I will miss him. I figured the least I could do was send him off with a new headshot. While I was reflecting […]

Jessica Honsinger II: The Redemption

My actor pal Jessica Honsinger just finished working on an HBO show called Quarry that will air next year, and she came into town to get a new headshot. My favorite show she was on is The Astronaut Wive’s Club because of the costumes. She works a lot, and the opportunities she has keep getting better and […]

Let Me Do My Stuff

Usually when people hire me to create a headshot it is because they like my style or my eye or whatever you call it. They have seen my portfolio and decided that they want a headshot similar to what they see. That is one of the reasons I have the portfolio online, so folks can […]

Devon Anderson

When Devon Anderson was appointed to succeed her late husband, Mike Anderson, as Harris County District Attorney by Governor Rick Perry on September 26, 2013, she already had a long history of fighting for justice. She was a prosecutor for twelve years at the Harris County District Attorney’s office trying some of the worst criminals Harris County could […]

Traci Ling

“You know Suzie?!?” I was surprised but I guess I shouldn’t have been. I had been trying to schedule a headshot with this amazing young woman for a couple of days, and I learned that my friend Traci Ling had worked with her before. It turns out that Traci and Suzie do work for Tootsies, a […]

Why "Like The Razor"

Enthusiasts will have no doubt noticed by now that my web domain is LikeTheRazor. I used to think that the connection was obvious, but enough people have asked me about it that I have decided to pen the following explication. In 1901, American Safety Razor was founded by King C. Gillette. Fast forward to the present […]