Actor Larry Young

Larry Young Chris Gillett Houston Headshot Photographer

As I sat eating lunch with my pal Kit and our colleague Larry Young, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Larry, like Kit, is a former United States Marine and current lawyer. Kit and I work at the same firm, and Larry works at Hughes Watters Askanase, an excellent firm that we enjoy a good relationship with. The only bad thing I can think to say about Hughes Watters Askanase is that their choice of headshot photographer is apparently not me. I made everyone get together because I thought Larry and Kit would enjoy visiting since they have a lot in common. 

Larry is a slim guy who looks younger than he is and gives the impression that he is still close to Marine shape. He is also a kind gentleman who gives the impression that you still wouldn’t want to mess with him. I was very interested to learn that this Vietnam veteran is also an actor. I knew at that moment, no matter how long it took, that I would photograph at least one Hughes Watters Askanase attorney.

It took a long time, but Larry and I finally got together recently. One of the things I enjoy about photographing people I know is that because the process is so intimate, I inevitably learn a lot about them. In this case, I learned that the tough attorney also is a really sweet guy and quite a character. I am now not surprised at all that he acts. I ran a few scenes with him in front of the camera, so I can attest to his acting chops.

Larry also has something in common with me. He is a lawyer, but he also has a creative outlet. When I was younger, mine was music. In the recent past I didn’t have one, but for the past couple of years it has been photography. I am very thankful for it just as I know Larry is thankful for his acting career.