Chris you are so damn talented!!! Your head shots are so crisp, unique, and they tell a story. No matter where I move in life, or what I do, you will always be my headshot/photos person. I will be coming back to you for headshots for EVERY book I write

– Kristin Tate

Highly, highly recommended!

I have been a fan of Chris’ work for a while, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to get headshots taken with him.  He coached me the whole way through the process, and I left with several amazing pictures that really captured my personality.  Thank you Chris!

– Elizabeth Doughtie

Chris Gillett does amazing work.  He was a pleasure to work with for my headshots getting things done quickly while remaining patient with the inexperienced model.  He was able to quickly explain different looks and techniques to get a good result and with his professional studio you are able to review things instantly.

He sent me proofs to review the same day and you can’t beat his price for this quality of work.

Highly recommended for anybody looking to get a professional photo for their CV, LinkedIn or other professional need.

– Mark Troy

This is my favorite text conversation.


Besides producing an exceptional end product that stands out in the crowded digital sea of head shots, Chris has an innate talent for making the experience a lot of fun and getting his subject engaged in his process.  If you’re looking for a great guy that will work with you to bring out your best and capture it in an image, go see Chris.

Never thought getting a head shot done would figure into a top ten list of most memorable experiences.

– Adam Gould

Chris made the entire experience comfortable and fun.  He knows the results he wants to make the client look their best, and he works hard to make sure the magic happens.

If you want to convey power and confidence in your photograph and look fabulous doing so, Chris is your man.

– Jennifer Jackson

Is this an immediate enough testimonial to EVERYTHING you were talking about how having a confident and authoritative headshot builds immediate trust?! This attorney contacted me for consulting literally two hours – almost 3am! – after seeing the photo. Eternally grateful!

Thanks for helping me see myself in a light I’ve never seen. You bring out goodness in people and the bonus is that it’s in a way that lets the world see it too. Very few people get to experience that. Thank you for making that happen for me!

– Anneke Godlewski

Many thanks to Chris and his team for a wonderful experience shooting my new headshot.

His talent and expertise astonished me!

Thank you, Chris, for helping me feel at ease and for creating a lovely final product.

-Natasha Pieper

Chris and his photograph of me has been a most special blessing. I have had a troubled few years, but I am well and doing well. It is hard to return to the world that may have written you off as dead.

But, with my new health and a special photograph, I am beginning the long climb up the mountain. And oddly, I feel like jumping over it.

And Chris was the first to reach down and help me up a step.

-Scott Clearman

Thanks again, you’re the shit!

– Christina Halstead

Gillett rules.

-Your mom